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I am very pleased to offer an archive of original cover paintings by Welsh artist Terry Oakes. Well known in the 1980s for his science fiction, fantasy, and "grand guignol" gothic horror illustrations, Terry kept all of his originals through the years, never selling any of them - until now! First time on the market, here or in the UK are covers for Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone "Fighting Fantasy" gamebooks, "classic" British horror covers for books by Guy N. Smith, Richard Laymon, and many others, plus SF for major authors. Terry's talents brought him to the attention of John Spencer's "Young Artist's" agency, in the late 1970s - and along with Jim Burns, Chris Foss, Bob Fowke, Angus McKie, and many others...he began working for all the major UK publishers. I am Terry's exclusive agent for sales of his originals, and will be offering a wide selection of his works, all "one of a kind" originals - and all will be sold starting at very reasonable prices. Note: the book covers shown are for your fun and reference purposes only - so you can see how these paintings were used]