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Terry Oakes: Sea Monsters

Original painting, a new personal work created this year, 2023 - in acrylics on gesso primed hardboard, 10"x 14" and signed bottom right.  Terry has returned to painting in color - here delivering a clear response to global climate change, something which Terry feels strongly about. This is a painting full of symbolism - with the skeleton of a Minke whale, which in this work represents all whales, having been killed for the benefit of the 'first sea monster': humans, in the form of a beautiful girl, who holds a harpoon.  Whales are not only being killed for beauty products, but also pet food (thus, the images of a dog and a cat set among the skulls of all the humans whose lives have, over the centuries, been taken by drowning on sunken whaler ships, or simply lost at sea)  All this is backgrounded by a violent ocean, which, in the painting, almost becomes an evil, sentient being, ie: the threatening horns of surf.  It's a major message, packed into a beautiful painting.  

Terry Oakes: Sea Monsters

SKU: 1617
  • This painting ships from the artist in Wales

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