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Romas' appealing style, innocent humor, strong and well-balanced compositions in combination with clean, saturated colors make his work particularly well suited to conveying well-delineated characters and a 'sense of wonder'. After graduating from Paier College of Art in New Haven, Connecticut in 1978 Romas immediately began working for book and magazine publishers and advertising agencies in New York City. His full name is Romas Brandt Kukalis but he's known professionally by his first name only (to spare art directors the challenge of pronouncing his last name). F/SF are his main interests, and some of his best-known covers include Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Darkover series, Anne McCaffrey’s The Rowan series, and the popular Chronicles specialty books related to Scholastic Books’ YA Animorphs series. Instead of formally signing his work, he integrates his name “Romas” into the design of every illustration, and in newer works he hides his wife’s nickname “Al” (Alison) as well – which adds an element of fun for collectors! From the hundreds of science fiction and fantasy illustrations Romas has created over the last four decades, these few dozen paintings are all that remain in his inventory - so if it's not listed here, the chances are it is already in someone's private collection.    

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