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Terry Oakes: Albedo Apocalypse

This is an original full color artwork in acrylic on gessoed hardboard, 22" x 14.5" plus 1" border and signed bottom right corner.   Terry's intention, he writes, by creating this painting, is to have you be "as confused, dismayed and welchmerzed-depressed by what's happening in the world as I am."  To the extent that he has succeeded in producing a masterpiece of a work that is dark, and somber, he's accomplished that goal.  But that's not where it ends.  Terry never just paints personal works without knowing exactly what he wants to express in the process, and so there's motivation here, for the complexity, and for the symbolism.  He writes "The naked figure on the top of the 'cliff' is meant to represent all that's left of humanity's future, whereby he has been set the unenviable task of creating an albedo balance for any future that's left for us - hence the rise of the black-flowered flag and the fall of the white flowered one - which is described in more detail further on. The 'cliff' is, of course, a skull - again! (Patrick Woodroffe once proposed that there's a fortune to be made by anyone who could come up with an alternative image for death) structured as a dying emblem of a 'green' world with the waste of clean, pure water tumbling down - alongside the rest of the landscape, which is being systematically destroyed by the mindless attacks of the rampaging army, led by the ignorant, death-masked mercenary (humanity's warmongers and global warming deniers) whose bullet belt has been transformed into the serpent-shaped Apophis, the god of death and chaos, an influence that is now presiding over the presently redundant, unapproachable robed figures of compassionate progress and learning. The front images are those of a dead dove (stereotypical symbol of peace) and an almost decomposed skeleton holding a broken timer, with the last sands dribbling out and away, while earth's white flowers become black - thus further disturbing the earth's albedo effect (along with melting ice and the wilting of brightly coloured vegetation and flowers) and the balance of Gaia - suggested by the late James Lovelock as being one large, living organism, but one that is frighteningly capable of defending itself and will go on doing so long after our offending species has disappeared."  

Terry Oakes: Albedo Apocalypse

SKU: 1637
  • ships from the artist in Wales

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