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Terry Oakes: The Devil's Trill

OH! so fitting for Halloween!   The violin, back in the day, was considered Death's (or the Devil's) instrument, because of the seemingly superhuman skill required to play the violin to a virtuosic level - so this naturally led to the concept of a musician having to made a "pact or deal with the devil" (as in Goethe's Faust) in order to acquire such talent.  In fact, according to the most popular legend, Paganini - the most celebrated violin virtuoso of his time - like Faust, made a pact with Satan to acquire magical powers, enabling him to create effects on the violin beyond the reach of anyone else. Others thought he was possessed by the devil and coaxed the violin to produce what they took to be the devil's music.  Which brings us to Terry's new, personal interpretation of this old theme, created just this year!  Hand-drawn in inks on acid-free art paper, c. 16.5" x 11.75" and signed by the artist bottom right in the image.  Gorgeous contrast, shading and amazing details!

Terry Oakes: The Devil's Trill

SKU: 1622
  • ships from the artist in Wales

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