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Chris has produced covers for almost every kind of book since he started in the field, late 1970s, but when he was commissioned to do his first SF cover for an Alfred Bester book he found his true love. Since then he has worked for most of the major publishers on both sides of the Atlantic for such authors as Isaac Asimov, Clifford D Simak, Larry Niven and Arthur C Clarke. In recent years Moore has become notably associated with the works of Philip K Dick, having done covers for almost all his publications at one time or another including his non-SF novels and stories. His art was featured in "Parallel Lines" (Dragons Dream, 1981), Dream Makers (Paper Tiger, 1988), and Fantasy Art Masters (Watson-Guptill, 2000). In 1999 his first collection "Journeyman, the Art of Chris Moore" was published by Paper Tiger. He also contributed an essay and art to the anthology "Paint or Pixel: The Digital Divide in Illustration Art" (Non-Stop, 2008). Recently he had a major piece in "Illustration, Comic & Animation Fantasy Art" a glossy magazine published in China by the University of Peking. I am very pleased to be Chris's exclusive agent for the sale of illustration art and offer a diverse and continually changing selection of his works for sale here and at SF conventions.

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