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Carol is an award-winning illustrator specializing in fantasy and science fiction art, and most recently, children's books - both retelling and illustrating the classic fairy tales and legends  of children's literature, as well as writing and illustrating her very                                    own book projects. Carol has worked with science fiction  publishers                                           such as Baen, as well as the largest of children's book publishers, like                                        Ideals.  She has been honored with awards from the Society of                                                      Illustrators, and her works have been featured in the Spectrum                                                        anthologies of Fantasy Art.  Over a highly successful career, Carol has                                       produced a wide range of illustrations for book covers and interiors,                                         game box covers, puzzles, prints, collector cards and more. Whatever the
                           commission,  Carol is known for her vibrant colors and dramatic handling of the subject matter.  She is an artist who always brings a fresh perspective or new angle to her compositions and imagery - happily inspired by her little pups - and I am equally happy to be offering her works her.  I asked her for the widest possible range of art to offer to collectors . . . and she happily obliged !  

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