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Carol Heyer: First Easter cover art

Original art used on the cover of "The First Easter" written and illustrated by Heyer, four original paintings created for an expanded and reformatted hardcover (2000, 2013) and board book edition published 2015, of the very popular children's book "The Easter Story" that Carol first wrote and illustrated for Ideals Children's Books, 1990.  The four very charming cover and interior  "spot" illustrations are painted on two canvases, each representing individual "portraits" of the animals appearing in the book: donkey, duckling, lamb and dove. The images can be separated for mounting and framing as individual artworks (and are valued at $125 each) . The photo of the artworks was taken prior to artist signing; but Carol will sign each portrait separately, or by the pair, as the buyer wishes. These are hand-painted in acrylics on unstretched canvas, each pair of portraits approx. 24" high x 13" wide (or about 12" x 13" each portrait)handpainted in acrylic on unstretched canvas 17" x 11.75"  

Carol Heyer: First Easter cover art

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