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                                                   The Keith Scaife Collection

Keith was born in Lymington, Southern England, in 1960, and from the earliest age was inspired to draw spacecraft and make futuristic vehicles by TV shows like Dr Who and the Gerry Anderson puppet series "Thunderbirds."  In 1968, Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 a Space Odyssey, exerted its influence, and that - combined with reading science fiction, and seeing the vivid cover artwork of Bruce Pennington and Chris Foss in particular, along with the illustrations of Roger Dean and Syd Mead - convinced him to leave school at 16 and enroll at the local art college, the Leek School of Arts and Crafts. To pursue his passion for 3D, he next moved to Sunderland University to study model making for two years, aiming towards Film work.

     A chance encounter led to him producing a cover painting for a rock band (Demon’s  album ‘Breakout’) and shortly after he was approached by the Sarah Brown Artist’s Agency.  Within two weeks he had his first book jacket job - a collection of Ray Bradbury short stories ’The Day it Rained Forever’....and his career in illustration was set.

     Over the next twenty years or so Keith has produced dozens of covers

for notable SF and fantasy authors . . . and continued making models - 

often using the models as a basis for his paintings.  He also pursued

model making work for giftware manufactures Border Fine Arts in

Scotland and Danbury Mint in the U.S., and by the early 2000s he was

almost exclusively doing model work.

      Keith regularly exhibits book jacket artwork at SF conventions in the

UK, and has had several joint exhibitions with Martin Bower, who is

known for his replica models of film and TV subjects for collectors.


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