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Walter Velez: Time: The Semi-Final Frontier

Walter Velez (1939-2018) was known for his light hearted and warm style of expression, which perfectly suits the science fiction novels of Lionel Fenn (Pseud. of Charles L. Grant). This is the original artwork for book #3. the final volume in Fenn's "Diego" series,  published  by Berkley/Ace in 1994.  Handpainted In acrylics on canvas, 24" x 14" and  signed.  In 1880, pursued by a ruthless gang of outlaws, Diego seeks refuge in a train and soon realizes that the mysterious train is really a time machine headed for the twenty-sixth century and a journey into outer space. Buy all three cover illustrations in the series before anyone else can jump in - and get a special price!  Contact me!

Walter Velez: Time: The Semi-Final Frontier

SKU: 1943
  • will be shipped directly from the artist's estate 

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