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Walter Velez: Star 'Reck Front & Back Cover

I couldn't resist offering these "front" and "back" pair of cover paintings by Walter Velez (1939-2018)- commissioned by Berkley Books, 1979, for a spoof of the memorable TV series by Jeff Rovin - that was regrettably rejected by Roddenberry and never published.  BUT thanks to Velez we have tangible evidence of the project!  It's outragious and over-the-top parody, but if you love ST you gotta love this pair of paintings - done in acrylic on illustration board, each a very large 30" x 20" (think of the visual effect here!!!).  I could have split them up, but if I can . . . I'd like to sell them together as a pair.  And so I have priced them that way - a bargain!  If I end selling them separately I will be asking more, individually.      

Walter Velez: Star 'Reck Front & Back Cover

SKU: 2247
  • will be shipped directly from the artist's estate 

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