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Richard Bober:  The Threads That Bind the Bones

Richard Bober: The Threads That Bind the Bones

SKU: 3540
  • Original painting, one of Bober's published cover illustrations, and it's a beauty! Richard created many cover paintings for major publishers over his long career, and this delightful paperback cover illustration for Avonova (Avon) books, published 1993, is one of his best. (I show the published book for reference). Gorgeous technique and composition, and rendered in Richard's inimitable style - with plenty of elaborate surface embellishment - impressive in oils and acrylics on illustration board, 30"x 22" and stamped by Bober from his studio on the back.  The Estate will also provide a letter of authenticity, but there's no doubt this is Bober's work!

  • Ships from the executor of the Bober Estate, Florida

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