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Richard Bober:  Mord the Executioner

Richard Bober: Mord the Executioner

SKU: 3543
  • This is an original study of "Mord" - one of Richard's favorite Karloff characters, from the 1939 film "Tower of London" and one which also can be seen stalking the theatre on the cover of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Breaking the Scream Barrier" (Stories to be read with the Lights On, Vol II, published by Dell in 1976) I am not sure when this character study was completed, whether it was during the time he was working on the Hitchcock cover (I show the character, seen in the top half of the painting used for the cover - this painting has been sold) or during a later period when he was obsessively creating portrait studies.  In any event, it's a great character portrait, done in monochrome acrylics and graphite on stretched canvas, 30" x 24" and while we wish he had completed the portrait, it's an incredibly powerful image just as it is!  One of several  recent additions to my inventory from Bober's Estate.

  • Ships from the executor of the Bober Estate, Florida

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