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Ned Dameron: War Memorial Sculpture Study

This is an original artwork in pen and ink on paper mounted to sturdy cardboard, 36" x 24" and covered with clear acetate to protect the surface....created for submittal to a contest for a war memorial sculpture commemorating soldiers of WW1 - believed to be held by or for the city of Shreveport, Louisiana.  Throughout his career, and especially in later years, Ned spent a good portion of his time creating monumental sculptures for various institutions and churches in Louisiana, as well as smaller outdoor garden sculpts as private commisions.  The artwork is not signed but holds a copyright sign and the date 2000.   Handsome and detailed, this works shows two views of a soldier standing on an ornately visualized platform - his proposed sculpture, but a drawing that works equally well as an artwork, demonstrating Ned's fine drawing skills.   

Ned Dameron: War Memorial Sculpture Study

SKU: 2014
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