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Ned Dameron: "Kull" Table of Contents

This is an original artwork created to illustrate the Table of Contents page for "Kull" by Robert E. Howard, for the hardcover edition published 1985 by Donald M. Grant (I'm showing the publishyed page and cover as reference) - for which Dameron produced all the interior illustrations as well as the cover.  Ned did this page as well as the list of illustrations page in black-and-white  (and that page is also available, until it's sold)  This work is in acrylic pen and ink on paper mounted to board and very finely rendered...on white board approx 20" x 15" unsigned.  There is some minor spotting in the white area which possibly can be cleaned up, but which does not detract from the overall interest of the piece - it is wonderfully detailed. 

Ned Dameron: "Kull" Table of Contents

SKU: 2023

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