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Ned Dameron: "Kull" alternate frontis

This is an original artwork - either a finished comp or alternate painting or possibly even the final, changed via overlay - created for use as the frontispiece for "Kull" by Robert E. Howard, for the hardcover edition published 1985 by Donald M. Grant (I'm showing the cover as reference) - for which Dameron produced all the interior illustrations as well as the cover.   I show the page of the book on which this image/or close to it - appeared.  It's clearly related, but I have been unable to determine whether it's the same image, re-painted (and altered) or not.  To my knowledge all other interiors have been sold, excepting one ("Beings as Strange" which is available; see other listings) and the Table of Contents and List of Illustrations (B/W works, see other listings).  This alternate "first page" as Dameron called it is oil on white board 20" x 15" with the image 18" x 13". unsigned.  there is some minor surface scuffing in the background, wear and tear from storage, which does not detract from the overall handsomeness of the piece. 

Ned Dameron: "Kull" alternate frontis

SKU: 2022

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