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Ned Dameron: Apocalypse

This is an original painting, likely created as a frontis illustration or perhaps alternate cover, for the dark fantasy novel by Nancy Springer, published by Underwood-Miller, 1989 - the back of the painting identifies it as relating to that book, in fact - but the painting was never used for that project.  It was painted in oil or acrylic on masonite, in quite a large size, 40" x 26" - but then and mysteriously it was covered in places with multiple scotch tape pieces over the paint. top left and right and bottom left.  Whatever the rationale, these cannot now be removed without lifting the paint, so a restorer will need  to tackle the job (so I have priced it with that in mind) - but it's well-worth doing because this is a uniquely surreal image by Ned, and well worth restoring and preserving!   

Ned Dameron: Apocalypse

SKU: 2036

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