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Ned Dameron: Coelura: Red Triad City 2

This is an original artwork, one of many interior illustrations Ned created "The Coelura" by Anne McCaffrey, published in hardcover by Underwood- Miller, 1987 (I'm showing the published cover as reference).  This particular work appeared on page 35, a stand alone right hand page illustration facing a companion piece appearing on page 34 (see other listing)  Both illustrations are similar in that while they appeared as black-and-white illustrations in the book, both were painted in red and black on an c. 18" x 12" acetate overlay mounted on a 19" x 14" x 15" white board.  There are some condition issues from handling and age, but both would look fantastic if framed together to create a diptych!  Contact me if you want them both, at a discount for the pair!  (for as long as both are available, of course)

Ned Dameron: Coelura: Red Triad City 2

SKU: 2028

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