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Kristin Kest: The Governess

Kristin describes this timely painting as "A sentient(?) AI robotics model with the name "MA1Donna" holding a distracted human toddler - suggesting the darker side of humans’ use of their technology. Set in the background is a colony on Mars with a nascent atmosphere and inflatable habitat pods with geodesic construction, the scene reminds us that in the future human labor might be stretched pretty thin" ( I would add, especially when establishing a new base of operations!)   It's a marvelously provocative, futuristic sci-fi fantasy!  Handpainting in oil on canvas,  36" x  28” signed in logo initial top left, and comes framed in a metal frame in the color of “German silver”.  

Kristin Kest: The Governess

SKU: 2080
  • will be shipped from Worlds of Wonder, in Santa Fe  

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