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Kristin Kest: Surinam Toad & Arboreal Salamander

Kristin created the cover painting and all the full color interior illustrations for "Amphibians" published by Picture Window Books, 2009.  The books were relatively short (conceived for children ages 5-8) so the paintings are as colorful and lively as they are accurate - true treasures of natural history paintings!  Most were painted as "two-page spreads" - as this painting is, the images were reproduced on p. 18 and 19  of the book.  One to the left depicts the very unusual Surinam Toad  - which is known for incubating its eggs in honeycombed chambers in the skin of the mother's back, releasing fully formed froglets after a period of 4-5 months!  The "climbing" salamander to the right eats insects and is native to California.  The paintings can be separated and Kristin will sign each one. Brilliantly painted in oil on gessoed paper, each image is 10" x 10.5" (the total dimensions 10" x 21".  The price is for that makes each amphibian $150!

Kristin Kest: Surinam Toad & Arboreal Salamander

SKU: 2047
  • will be shipped either from the artist in PA or Worlds of Wonder, in Santa Fe - depending on which artwork you've chosen

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