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Kristin Kest: Letterlocked

Kristin created this amazing painting after reading an article about Britain’s National Archives opening the last letter of Mary, Queen of Scots. The letter had been “letterlocked”, that is, it has been folded up and then pierced with a sharp instrument, and then a dagger of paper was woven into the piercing. The woven paper was then sealed with wax. It was a way for the recipent to know the letter hadn’t been tampered with.  So . . . Kristin came up with the idea of a sealed letter, lost in the woods…. "love’s opportunity lost in the spring"  It's a marvelously detailed work, gorgeous in every respect, one of her best.  Finished in 2022, it's 36" x 24", handpainted in oil on hardboard, signed and dated in logo initials bottom right.  Plus comes framed in a silver floating frame. 

Kristin Kest: Letterlocked

SKU: 2079
  • will be shipped from Worlds of Wonder, in Santa Fe  

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