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Kristin Kest: FoxFire

Inspired by English folklore, Kristin has conjured up a "boggart"  -  a supernatural being that can be evil, is always solitary, and which can attach itself to particular locations, within or (as here) outside in the countryside.   He seems busy; Kristin suggests he may be spying a  lost ring in the leaf litter on the forest floor!    In the painting she has added wonderful natural details to the scene: Jack-O-Lantern mushrooms, paw paw trees with fruit, insects, ferns, moss, and a slug. Handpainted in oil on gessoed hardboard  36" x  28” signed in logo initial bottom right.  Plus comes framed in a floating metal frame in the color of “German silver”.  

Kristin Kest: FoxFire

SKU: 2081
  • will be shipped from Worlds of Wonder, in Santa Fe  

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