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Kristin Kest: Caterpillar Life Stages

There's nothing as amazing as seeing what happens when a caterpillar reaches its full size - shedding its skin and changing into a pupa before finally emerging as a delicate butterfly !   These stages depicted beautifully on pages 10-11 of "Butterflies and Moths" (Golden Books/ Western Publishing Co, 1993)  Original artwork, painted in oil on  paper, 15" x 20.5" and signed - a two-page spread that will look lovely framed.   NOTE: purchase 2 or more interior illustrations from this book and shipping is free (I will refund your shipping costs after purchase)

Kristin Kest: Caterpillar Life Stages

SKU: 2033
  • will be shipped either from the artist in PA or Worlds of Wonder, in Santa Fe - depending on which artwork you've chosen

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