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Kristin Kest: Astrological Calendar "Leo"

Kristin produced original paintings for each of the astrological signs in Llewellen's calendar for 2013, and you can own yours (and/or purchase one for someone special) for as long as they are available.  Each artwork is 17.25" x 12" (plus a .5" border all around) and is handpainted in oil on gessoed paper and signed.  I show the front and back cover of the calendar - which is handy for seeing all the months at a glance - just for your reference). "Leo" is the fifth sign of the zodiac, corresponding to the constellation Leo and traditionally falls between about July 23 and August 23.  And in her very stylish imagery, Kristin has captured all of Leo's best-known traits - which include being confident, comfortable being the center of attention, drama-adoring, ambitious, loyal, generous, luxury-loving, sunny, and big-hearted! Special offer:  Buy more than one, get 10% discount plus free shipping applied after purchase!

Kristin Kest: Astrological Calendar "Leo"

SKU: 2061
$650.00 Regular Price
$175.00Sale Price
  • will be shipped either from the artist in PA or Worlds of Wonder, in Santa Fe - depending on which artwork you've chosen

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