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John Berkey: Reclining Nude

This is a painting that we purchased from John back in 1997, though he told us at the time that he had painted it some time in the mid a point where he was heavily into painting nudes, in academic/studio settings.  He often used his wife Demi and other models for these works, and while they were not his typical SF genre paintings, I sold just about every one he gave me to sell for him while I was representing him, because they were just beautiful.  Now, they don't often come up for sale - and this is (IMHO of course) one of the better ones.  It is in perfect condition, and very lovely.  The image is 20" x 30" on illustration board c. 25.25" x 35" and that is the size of the framed painting - the matting is covering the unpainted border.  It's in casein and acrylic, and signed bottom right.  If you need further photos or more info, just get in touch.   (note: hard to estimate the shipping here....if it comes to more than $100 I'll eat the difference. and give you a refund)

John Berkey: Reclining Nude

SKU: 1620
  • this painting will ship from Santa Fe, NM

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