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J. K. Potter:  The Penis Tree

J. K. Potter: The Penis Tree

SKU: 2003
  • Original artwork, hand-tint photo-collage featured in Ray Garton's "The New Neighbor", the limited edition published by Scream Press, 1992. Three of the Potter's I am offering (Bat of the Month, Penis Tree and Dog Days) were seen in that l edition of 500 books - and each are exquisite examples of Jeff's bizarre imagination!   This artwork - carrying Potter's none-too-subtle title - is an amusingly graphic unique work that comes from a private collection - matted as shown in one of the photos - now back on the market for the first time since 1992 !  Black and white photo collage, airbrush on paper, 20" x 16", signed in initials bottom right.    

  • Ships From the owner, central North US

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