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J. K. Potter:  Fingers by Candlelight

J. K. Potter: Fingers by Candlelight

SKU: 2007
  • Original artwork, hand-tint photo-collage that is classic Potter - using only darkroom techniques, nothing digital here!  Spooky montage of images that is completely visually arresting: yes, that's a ouija board she's dancing on!  (PS: Jeff years later produced a limited edition print of this one which he called "Tap Dancer" - which equally suits the imagery!)  Dating from 1990-1992,  black and white monochrome photo collage, airbrush on paper, 20" x 16", signed in initials bottom right.   Please ignore the artifacts that somehow crept into the (totally black) background when photographing the work; am working on getting a glare-free shot. 

  • Ships From the owner, central North US

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