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Fred Gambino: Pleasures and Palaces

This is the original painting - and border art - created for the cover of the Romance novel by Mary Mackey, published by MacDonald/Futura, 1990.   The novel follows the lives of two women during the 1960s, the 1970s and the 1980s - and one marries the Prince of a beautiful but primitive Eastern kingdom, but there's danger within her exotic palace home!  That story line inspired the motif of this cover, and the border art which framed the foreground figure on the cover.  Both Fred and I are searching for a copy of the book so we can show you the published image.   This is a very attractive painting, great colors and styling, done in a "wraparound" landscape format, acrylic on illustration board, 17" x 25.5" and comes with the border art, painted separately, 13" x 9".  Both will be signed.  

Fred Gambino: Pleasures and Palaces

SKU: 1655
  • ships from the artist in the UK

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