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Fred Gambino: Assault on Mavis A

This is the original painting used for the cover of a novel by Norman Stahl,  surprisingly described as "A riproaringly ludicrous adventure novel with a climax conceived in supercolossal-gigantiscope. IRA Commander Quinn runs a secret brothel on Coultry Bay, but this is only a mask for the Big Scheme--the sabotaging of Britain by the release of 1.2 million barrels of crude oil into the North Sea from a British Petroleum oil field offshore of Holland."   In other words, not what you are expecting - given the image!  This one is also handpainted in oil on canvas board, 19" x 23", signed, and in a "wraparound" landscape format (I show the cover of the published paperback so you can see what that format does for the scene!   

Fred Gambino: Assault on Mavis A

SKU: 1615
  • ships from the artist in the UK

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