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Frank Frazetta: Kidnapped!

Frank Frazetta: Kidnapped!

SKU: 3531
  • If you are a Frazetta fan, then you know how rare it is to find one of his inks on the private market - competition at Heritage auctions drives the prices up, so this is a rare opportunity, for sure.  The quality and condition of this pen-and-ink is excellent, and the subject matter is exactly what collectors crave: one of his great Barbarians carrying off a luscious busty babe.  Tightly rendered, signed bottom right in ink, image 3.75 x 4.25" on paper 5" x 5" approx, undated and comes beautifully custom framed, as befits the work (see photo).  Compare to others sold at auction, for size, theme and rendering, and you will see just how fair the asking price is on this one!   Contact me if you have any further questions!

  • will ship from the owner, USA

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