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Dave Pether: Song of the Earth

This is the original cover painting for the 3rd novel in the "Mortymer Saga" a series of novels by Alexander Cordell that portray the turbulent history of early industrial Wales. Pether was commissioned to produce several cover illustrations for novels by Cordell by Piatkus and Penguin/Sphere Books in the late 80s to early 90s and all of them are wonderful examples of Pether's skill in depicting intriguing characters set against wonderful backgrounds (see also "Rape of the Fair Country", "Race of the Tiger", "Beloved Exile", "Requiem for a Patriot", Sinews of Love," "Tunnel Tigers" and Dreams of Fair Women")  Images of some of the publications have proven difficult to source, so I am showing those I can find and will update these listings as appropriate.   Painted in gouache and acrylic on illustration board, 12.5" x 17.75"  and comes with a label attesting to its authenticity signed by Pether's widow, mounted to the back.   

Dave Pether: Song of the Earth

SKU: 1829
  • Ships from Edinburgh, Scotland

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