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Dave Pether: Path to the Silent Country

This is the original cover painting for the sequel to the "Dark Quartet" - the story of the Bronte' sisters,  by Lynne Reid Banks.  While it has some condition issues, I offer it because it is one of three covers done by Pether for this series of book on the Brontes.  published by Corgi, 1979  (I show the published cover for reference)  The streaks of blue markings on one side are on the surface and I believe they can be removed; a project I also believe is one well worth undertaking, considering the quality of the painting here.   Painted in gouache and acrylic on illustration board, 16" x 9.5"  and comes with a label attesting to its authenticity signed by Pether's widow, mounted to the back.  

Dave Pether: Path to the Silent Country

SKU: 1817
  • Ships from Edinburgh, Scotland

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