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Dave Pether: Blanche

This is the original cover painting for the 2nd book in Patricia Wendorf's Patteran Trilogy, published by Futura 1989.  Pether excelled in detailed scenes which captured the romance of historical fiction - and he created dozens of them for major publishers of the time.   All are hand-painted in Acrylic and gouache on illustration board , and most are close to A3 paper size - the typical British size for book cover illustrations ("flats") of the day.  This one  is 15 x 12" and comes with a label attesting to its authenticity signed by Pether's widow, mounted to the back.    I have chosen a sampling of paintings in this genre, to start.  if you are interested in seeing ones not listed, contact me.  I will be adding more from time to time.... But bear in mind each one I offer is unique - so if you want this one, don't hesitate.  It's the only one like this. 

Dave Pether: Blanche

SKU: 7005
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