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Dave Pether: Bugsy

Original vintage cover painting created to illustrate "Bugsy: The Godfather of Las Vegas" by George Carpozi Jr, published by Everest Books - in the paperback/1st edition, 1976.  Bugsy (Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel) was an infamous character, and here is depicted as the charming and violent man he was.    Handpainted in gouache and acrylic on illustration board, 16.5" x 12.5" and comes with a label attesting to its authenticity signed by Pether's widow, mounted to the back.  There is some discoloration/wear and tear to the non-painted area from handling and age, but this does not detract from the sensational and lurid use of paint to depict dripping blood!  Terrific visual!

Dave Pether: Bugsy

SKU: 1775
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