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Dave Pether: Cadbury Animal Bites Concept Art

In the 1980s Dave Pether created marvelous concept drawings for the packaging of a now discontinued, but then very popular biscuit produced by Cadbury's, in the UK. The finished artwork likely was never returned to the artist - what Pether kept were the sketches. THERE ARE TEN DRAWINGS ALL TOGETHER IN THIS LOT. I am showing you 3 to give you an idea - all will be similar (contact me if you have interest or need to see more of them). One shows various animal concepts which can be linked directly to the animals shown on the package. The other two drawings may relate to a gorilla character seen on the other side of the box (the picture of the original Animal Bites biscuit box package was found online - I show it here for reference only) or was submitted but not used. There are ten original drawings in the group, at least one with colored ink, the others pen and ink all on A3 sized draft paper, 11.7" x 16.5" The collection comes with a signed label attesting to authenticity 

Dave Pether: Cadbury Animal Bites Concept Art

SKU: 1846
  • Ships from Edinburgh, Scotland

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