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Darrell K. Sweet:  Xone of Contention prelim (Xanth #23)

This is one of a handful of preliminary paintings I am offering created for the Xanth series of fantasy novels by Piers Anthony - this one for #23 in the series, "Xone of Contention".  It's a fantastic image, featuring an amazing cat - there is some glare here from taking the photo but don't let that distract you from seeing how closely this prelim is like the final art produced for the cover published by Tor, 2000 - which I show here for reference.  You will love this one, like a miniature final painting!  Done in acrylic on gypsum board, 9" x 14"  and signed on the back.

Darrell K. Sweet: Xone of Contention prelim (Xanth #23)

SKU: 5033
  • Ships from the Estate, Wyoming USA

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