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Darrell K. Sweet:  Stork Naked prelim (Xanth #30)

This is one of a handful of preliminary paintings I am offering created for the Xanth series of fantasy novels by Piers Anthony - this one identified on the back as for #30 in the series, and dated 2005 - for the book published by Tor, 2007 -- but which, because of the imagery, I am suspecting was highly influenced by an earlier cover, for "Vale of the Vole" (#10, previously published by Avon 1987. Which is why I show both published covers.  It's possible that the Art Director, seeing that similarity,  decided against using it. . . even though the "stork" was there.  But what a great image!  Really, one of his best prelims, painted in acrylic on gypsum board, 10" x 15"  and signed on the back.

Darrell K. Sweet: Stork Naked prelim (Xanth #30)

SKU: 5035
  • Ships from the Estate, Wyoming USA

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