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Darrell K. Sweet: Fox and Empire

This is an original cover illustration for what I believe is the last of Harry Turtledove's amusing fantasy novels published by Baen, 1997, and featuring "Gerin the Fox" . . . who "is not your usual 'sword and sorcery' hero (but rather) a man of learning and progressive thinking in a land of illiteracy and ignorance."  One humorous touch is the "cherubic demigod" who pees on the Imperial Army from on high - and Darrell's painting gives that scene away!  Detailed and excellently rendered by DKS, one of his best,  handpainted in acrylic on gypsum board, 24" x 16"  and signed.

Darrell K. Sweet: Fox and Empire

SKU: 5040
  • Ships from the Estate, Wyoming USA

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