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Mike Hinge: 9PU

Mike Hinge: 9PU

SKU: 3556
  • This is a an original painting, possibly a published work, by MIke Hinge (1931-2003), an artist whom I represented at the time of his death, and thereafter represented his estate.  I discovered recently a large portfolio in my closet, that I kept despite being convinced that it contained only reproductions of pencil sketches and examples of advertising references that Mike liked to hoard.  That turned out to be the case with the exception of three original works, all done in watercolors (or acrylics?) on tracing paper (which accounts for the waviness you see in the paper).    All I can say is that they are finished works, created in a medium that likely would not do well in sunlight (like watercolors) and they each are signed.  This one I'm calling "9PU" - only because it is the only text to be found in the image top left...and it is typical of other works of his done in similar style  Without the 1/2" border, the image itself is 22.5" x 17" and is signed center.  If you are interested in more than one, while they last, we can talk about a discount.

  • Ships from Santa Fe, NM

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