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Kristin Kest: Star Nosed Mole

Original interior illustration featured on page 21 of "Do They Scare You?: Creepy Creatures (Nature's Treasures) by Sneed B. Collard III in Hardcover by Charlesbridge, 1993 - and later in paperback in a repprinting by the same publisher, 1997 (with a different cover).  All the illustrations in this book were hand-painted by Kristin in oil on paper, and all but the two-page spreads and the cover are 8.5" x 11" plus a 2" inch border...and all are signed with artist's logo initials.  Exotic, and bizarre looking this mole is totally creepy!

Kristin Kest: Star Nosed Mole

SKU: 2006
  • will be shipped either from the artist in PA or Worlds of Wonder, in Santa Fe

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