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Dave Pether: Slievelea

This is the original cover painting for the novel by Genevieve Lyons, published by Futura 1987.  (I show the cover for reference, as always)  Pether excelled in these sorts of romantic scenes, stately English  manor in the background, lovely woman foreground - and produced dozens of cover paintings in this genre for all the major publishers. This one is hand-painted in gouache and acrylic on illustration board, in a wraparound panoramic format, it's a large painting 18.25" x 25" and comes with a label attesting to its authenticity signed by Pether's widow, mounted to the back.  Quality 80s art like this is getting hard to find, and while I am showing several others by Pether,  if you want this one, don't hesitate.  They are each one-of-a-kind originals

Dave Pether: Slievelea

SKU: 7011
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