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Carol Heyer: Easter Passover

This is the original painting created for "The Easter Story" - the very popular children's book Carol wrote and illustrated for the well-known publisher Ideals, published 1990.  This image was also reproduced in the re-formatted/expanded hardcover edition of the book "The First Easter" (Worthykids/Ideals, 2013) and "The First Easter" boardbook, published by Worthykids, 2015.   This interior illustration appears as a two-page spread, and depicts the start of "The Feast of Unleavened Bread," as Jesus and his 12 disciples celebrate Passover -  and is hand-painted in acrylics on unstretched canvas, 13" x 24" and is signed by the artist.    

Carol Heyer: Easter Passover

SKU: 2455
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