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Carol Heyer: Once Upon a Cool Motocycle Dude #1

Original interior llustration for the award winning children's picture book by Kevin O'Malley, published by Bloomsbury, hardcover 2005.  Three artists participated in creating illustrations for this incredibly popular book, each with distinct styles, including the author.  Carol created illustrations for both this book and "Once Upon a Royal Superbaby" - and until now she has not felt comfortable in releasing them for sale - as these books have been sold to Nickelodeon and are likely to be made into a movie.  But here we are, almost 20 years later and I've persuaded Carol to let me offer them.  This memorable, totally fun painting is 18.5" x 14.75" in acrylics on unstretched canvas, and is signed bottom left.    And if the movie gets done, you will not regret owning it!  think: Harry Potter!

Carol Heyer: Once Upon a Cool Motocycle Dude #1

SKU: 2508
  • this one ships from me in Santa Fe, NM

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