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There is nothing quite like the psychedelic, futuristic and surreal world of Mike Hinge, an artist born in a small town Auckland, New Zealand who early in his life moved to the U.S. and found a successful career as a science fiction and fantasy illustrator.  After he moved to Los Angeles, California in 1959, he attended the Art Center of the College of Design . . . and then quickly began applying his skills and imagination to advertising and publishing projects.  Mike was a major fan of science fiction in the 1950s, so it was no surprise that he chose to focus on high tech, space and robots.


Hinge’s distinctive, original graphic style is unforgettable – and his imagery appeared on many book and magazine covers...and numerous advertisements....during the 1960s and 1970s.  I am honored to have been given full responsibility for managing the commercial use of his images following his death in 2003.


If you are interested in acquiring usage rights for Mike Hinge images, please don't hesitate to contact me, Jane Frank, at or call 703 220-6234 for details on how that can be accomplished.  There are dozens of images to choose from: below I show you just a sampling.  Note: the artworks shown below are not available for purchase, they are examples of the range and variety of Mike Hinge's images that are available for licensing.


From time to time original works by Mike Hinge become available on the secondary market. If I have any to offer they will be listed in the "Re-sales from Collectors" category.

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