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If you've ever picked up a fantasy or science fiction paperback because you loved the dynamic image on the cover . . .or decided to read a story in a magazine because of the imaginative painting used to illustrate it…or bought a calendar, learned a role-playing game, or started collecting fantasy trading cards, just because the images were so compelling…you're going to LOVE the art I offer in my catalogs and on my web-site! In fact, that WoW factor is exactly why I’ve shortened my name from Worlds of Wonder!!

I specialize in contemporary illustrative and cover art in the genres of fantasy, science fiction and horror, and unique or highly limited editions of three-dimensional artworks which carry out these fantastical themes. I also handle a variety of other genres of illustrative art, depending on inventory. If you write us, or call... you’ll be speaking to me, JANE FRANK. I’ve been a collector for 40 years, and I’ve been running WoW-Art since 1991, offering the best of illustrative art. We represent the leading artists in the field - the artists whose colorful technique, craftsmanship, and highly original styles of expression have made them nationally, and even internationally, famous.


Most of the works I offer have been created to illustrate a book, game, toy, calendar, movie poster, or puzzle. But regardless of the ultimate use of the artwork, this art genre is unified by the emphasis placed on composition, the artist's firm and professional grasp of technique, an effective use of media and color, and a generally dynamic handling of imaginary elements. The American and International artists we represent are well-established and award-winning professionals, illustrators with unique talents and imaginations who specialize in creating the fantastical, science fictional and at times horrific images that are seen by audiences and readers around the world - because such images are popular worldwide. The sculptors, too, are consistent award-winners, known to collectors for their highly imaginative, yet realistically portrayed, representations of fantasy themes.



For collectors wishing to see the works in person, I offer the potential of a visit to my private gallery, by appointment only. In addition, I offer appraisal services, and consultation on special projects. For a limited number of artists, WoW-Art also acts as artist's agent in the licensing and sale of reproduction rights of their images. NOTE: I am always interested in purchasing works of high quality, whether 'vintage' science fiction, or contemporary. I also can help in placing works of art that you may currently own.



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