Q: Are these really originals? Yes. No matter how much they may look like printed advertisements or posters, no matter how detailed or photographically real, these are honest to goodness, one of a kind, unique works of art. The only exceptions are those items listed as “limited editions” (few) or sculptures, which are often published in small editions. And that information will be clearly stated in the offering. Otherwise, all items are originals...

Q: Do I have to decide right away? Can I take my time in deciding to buy? Sometimes you need a little more time to decide. You’ve seen it on the site, and you have some questions, or need time to think it over...If you are undecided, but don’t want anyone else to buy the one you are interested in while you are considering the purchase...ASK ME TO PUT THIS PAINTING ON RESERVE FOR YOU. This is a five-day reserve period during which no one else can buy it – without your “first right of refusal”. Why would this courtesy be important to you? Because these are originals....only one exists, and if it sells while you are still thinking about buying it, you’ll have lost out on that opportunity to own it!

Q: Are prices negotiable? There are some things that are routinely bought and sold (real estate, boats, cars, diamond rings ;-).... where negotiating the final price is expected. Note that the items I’ve mentioned are “high-priced” and the purchase is not a routine one. That kind of thinking has infiltrated the fine art and antiques business, as well. The prices are established only to be lowered! However, because a great number of people who choose to buy imaginative art are first time buyers, new to the idea of owning such a thing, and are NOT established collectors, who are used to bargaining, it would be very confusing if my prices were not “fixed”. So I have made it a policy to price my art fairly from the start. On the other hand, if the piece is very expensive, or you know I have had it in inventory for a long time, or you are buying multiple pieces at the same time.... those are the situations when it does no harm to ask.

Q: What about framing? When the art has been already framed, I describe it that way. If I don’t mention it in the listing, that means you (or I) have to frame it. I can arrange for that, if you like. And also give you tips on how to go about it, and what choices are best ones, for preservation purposes. Please inquire.

Q: What about shipping? Shipping is at cost, this is not how I make my money ;-) There are choices for shipping but most all of them lead to Federal Express, unless the piece is valued at under $500. Or you – the buyer – requests a specific carrier. There is nothing wrong with the post office, UPS, or other carriers. It’s just that, when it comes to objets d’ arte, other than private art handlers, Fedex is the (by wide margin) carrier of choice.

Q: Can I use the painting I buy on the cover of a book I’ve written? On a T-shirt? Wall paper for my computer? A tattoo? Answer: It depends. This is not a question that can be answered easily because it depends on the usage. When you buy a painting you are not buying the rights to reproduce it for commercial purposes. That would be a violation of copyright. However, if the purpose is a private one, for your own use, so long as you’re not using the image to advertise a product or service, you usually can do so. If you want to use an image on the cover of brochure, for example, to tell potential clients about your tax consulting business, that would constitute commercial use and you’d need to acquire the rights (license) to do so. ALWAYS ask first. If you are interested in licensing images for commercial use, please inquire. If I’m not able to help you directly, I will refer you to an agent who can.

Q: Do you buy art? If you have artwork that ‘fits’ into the genres I sell, please contact me. I may be able to find a buyer for you, or (occasionally) I will buy items outright. I will need to know details about the piece, and see a scan or photograph, of course. It is up to the seller to set prices, so if you are interested in having me purchase the item (vs. consignment) be prepared to state your asking price before getting in touch with me.

Q: I’m an artist, looking for representation: can I send you my portfolio? While we’re always pleased to hear of artists entering the field, we regret we are not good sources for emerging or beginning artists looking for agents to sell their work. If you are an already published/established illustrator with many years experience in the sf/f genre, or are inquiring as executor for an artist’s estate, feel free to contact me.

Q: Can I trade in this painting, or sell it back to you, if in a couple of years I’ve gotten tired of it, or need the money? That really depends on the item. It’s best to consider this a ‘long shot’ – but I am happy to help you find a buyer, or give you advice on selling, if that time comes.

Q: Can I call the artist to thank him/her for this great art? While artists love to hear that their art is appreciated, most would prefer that I keep their contact information private, and I must respect that. But I would be happy to pass on your best wishes, or even letters, if you send them to me.